About Us

Who We Are

We live in an exciting Multi-Media world. Our job is to create compelling content that brings passion, creativity and excitement to your message.  What makes ExtremeCom different from other "Communications" companies?  Simple, the answer is the people. We really like working together. We’re all about collaborating. New projects excite us. Each one of us brings a level of experience and knowledge to the table. We put our heads together and combine our skills to create something great for our clients

What We Do

ExtremeCom is made up of  a talented group of people who CRAVE the media.  We have been nominated for and won numerous awards for our videos and audio, including the George Foster Peabody award for Best Documentary as well as Best Florida Film at the Sunscreen Film Festival. Our video production skill set includes HD video, editing, motion  graphics and much more.  And our talent resources are endless.

Why Choose Us

Simple!  In a sea of "sameness", we are truly different.  Fresh ideas,  coupled with a burning desire to put our customers first makes ExtremeCom an easy choice.  We are available 24/7 and ready to spring into action in a moment's notice with great talent for any production. 

Jim Davis and Sean Michael Davis